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So Happy on a Horse

Dedicated Kelly and Trini ride despite the heat wave.



Another spectacular view as we leave Jackson, Wyoming.

Laney College Flea Market

I took a short walk today to check out the local flea market. I’ve been in the are for 30+ years and this was my first visit to this market. It was interesting. I made just one purchase – this cool spikey hat – perfect for my photo booth! The big piles of junk treasure make interesting shots for wallpaper, if nothing else.

There were other bargains as well if you don’t have any qualms about buying what is quite likely stolen goods.

Thedude Gets Wired, Squared

One of my renders made the Wired Magazine web site in an article titled “Fast, Precise Cancer Care is Coming to a Hospital Near You“. Nice! (Also, our amazing technology totally rocks!)

That’s not the only cool place my work appeared recently. Here’s another:

3D render by thedude in Times Square

ION Inspector

Combining a bit of photography with 3D modeling and a PhotoShop pinch filter for this quick one. It kind of messes with my vision. That’s a good thing.

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